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We are a small New Zealand company fuelled by four decades of passion for creating the best load-carrying systems on the planet. Aarn Design is here to create equipment that works in harmony with the human body, deepening the intimate connections between body, spirit and nature.


Aarn Flow Bodypacks are the most efficient, comfortable, stable, practical and healthy way to carry load on the human body. They challenge traditional thinking on pack design. Backpacks significantly disturb the posture, balance and movement of the body; create leverages on the torso that act to distort the natural curve of the spine and are a stressful, energy wasting way to carry a load. Real breakthroughs in load carrying only come by basing the design process on the findings of Biomechanics and Ergonomics.

“For over 25 years I have been conducting international research on load carriage in military and leisure settings. This has involved a wide range of laboratory and field studies of many types of load carriage systems. Our research identified the principles of load carriage. As far as I am aware Aarn Bodypacks are the first to really put the principles into practice.” - Professor Stephen Legg, Centre for Ergonomics, Occupational Safety and Health, Massey University, NZ

Stated very simply, a load carrying system should not disturb the natural posture and movement of the body. The load must be dispersed onto the skeletal structure in a balanced way around the vertical axis so that the loading on the body is only vertically downwards. This creates naturally balanced body friendly load carrying. To this we add flow movement systems so that body agility is not compromised. The result is naturally balanced body friendly flow movement load carrying.

Our naturally balanced load carrying systems can no longer be called backpacks. We call them Flow Bodypacks.


A pack which flows with body movement.

A pack which wraps around your body so that you can balance the weight in front and behind so that your posture and balance are unaltered by the load.
A pack where all body-contact parts can be customized to your torso size and shape for a perfect fit.


Product of the Year Awards, COLA, UK, 1992, 1993

Millennium Design Award for Innovation, UK 2000

DuPont BrandNew Award, ISPO Germany, 2003

Innovation Award , Adventure Gear Guide, Australia, 2005

Editors Choice Award, Outdoor magazine, Germany, Summer 2011

Trail Magazine, Germany, 2011

Aarn Packs are the only brand to use Sports Science to verify in the lab the energy savings and strain reduction of our packs. An extensive body of outstanding Testimonials verifies how beautifully they work in the field. Our Product range covers most activities where you need to carry a load on your body. Choose this link to see the designer, Aarn Tate, explaining the principles and benefits of our Bodypacks.

Our equipment is designed in Aotearoa-New Zealand using the wild and beautiful Southern Alps as our play and testing ground.

-Aarn Tate & Devi Benson