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About Us

With professional experience in the industry as educators, trip leaders, adventurers, retail and gear hire advisers, the team at 50 DAYS want to share the wonderment of the wild with you by breaking free of the limitations of journeying the heavy way.

We provide a personalised sales experience, an exclusive gear range and an expert understanding of our products - we've done all the research and testing for you.

We are for adventurers, thru-hikers, long distance walkers and outdoor health. We are for you and your family - individuals who have reached a fork in the road and recognise that being in the outdoors encourages freedom, balance and simplicity and not the burden, discomfort and unsustainable process of painful physical exertion. Share your travel and adventure goals with us and we will recommend the gear that will best suit your trip requirements and budget.

At 50 DAYS we encourage you to follow the path of least resistance and join a community of like-minded pilgrims who will attest that lightweight packs, tents and other equipment have broadened not just their travel philosophy, but the scope of their movement and their connection to nature and self.

Adventure your way, the long way, the short way. Take the high road, the low road, the long road. Journey outside to journey within. Wherever your journey takes you, move comfortably through the wild with us, lighter and capable of taking on the positive and restorative challenges of a life in the outdoors.

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