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Tristan O'Brien

For Tristan, to get out into nature, into remote places under his own steam, is to go home - to reawaken his true self. Growing up exploring the local National Park with his family and friends, it’s no surprise that Tristan would go on to choose a life where he could work to protect and be in natural areas as much as possible. 

Having studied ecology and after finding a passion for outdoor education, Tristan has experienced a variety of environments in different contexts, from studying plant ecology in the arid interior of South Australia to taking groups of young people hiking in the rolling landscapes of the Great Dividing Range. But it is the idea that the health of the individual, of the community and the natural environment are interconnected, that shapes the way he chooses to experience the outdoors.

For this reason, Tristan chooses gear that is simple and reliable, fulfilling its purpose and not distracting from the wildlife, the scenery and those special moments around the campfire.

Recognition of the intrinsic connection between people and nature spawned his fundraising project 1900 Footprints, which aims to raise funds and awareness for conservation projects in Australia. During his 1900 km walk (one for every species in Australia), he aims to raise awareness for conservation and explore his own connection with nature.