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Helinox FL120 Walking Poles

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Helinox FL120 walking poles are adjustable length, ultra lightweight, compact, immensely strong and reliable walking poles (also known as "trekking poles" or "hiking poles"). Easily adjustable with improved "screw lock" mechanism to suit persons from 90 cm to 180 cm tall (from 3' to 6'). Suited for general walking - pavement, trails or bushwalking. The FL120 is the favourite among experienced walkers who understand the benefits of ultra lightweight poles.


Super strength of exclusive DAC TH72M alloy - the world's best, ultra lightweight for best performance, improved screw lock adjusting mechanism - stronger and more reliable (even in freezing conditions), quality foam grips with "wicking" wrist straps, solidly mounted tungsten carbide tips, rubber tip covers supplied - suited for pavement use, supplied with walking pole guidebook, adjustable length flexibility.


    Length compacted: 53 cm (fits easily into backpack)
    Length effective in use: 80 cm - 120 cm
    Weight per pole: 145g
    Colour: 'Melon' a metallic gold colour with just a hint of green
    To suit persons of height 90 cm to 180 cm (3' to 6' tall)


      Improved screw lock adjusting mechanism - more secure and reliable than previous screw locks.